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Making Jesus Your Future

by Jesse Duplantis 1 lessons $9.95

Watch Jesse Duplantis as he shares his powerful testimony with humor, yet filled with the transformative power of salvation.

Grace and Truth

by Stan Dekoven 3 lessons $9.95

Dr. Stan Dekoven takes you on a journey to explore the two twin towers of the Word, Grace and Truth.

The Fear of the Lord

by John Bevere 8 lessons $24.95

Receive a new revelation about your need to fear God. Many seek to know Him, but few truly approach God in an intimate way.

The New Anointing

by Morris Cerullo 4 lessons $9.95

Find out the manner in which the new anointing sets you apart for a special service unto God.

Battle of the Tongue

by Morris Cerullo 4 lessons $9.95

Our spiritual victory depends greatly by being disciplined in our daily use of the Word of God in our conversations with God, and others.

Revelation Faith

by Morris Cerullo 3 lessons $9.95

Learn how to enter into a new relationship with God where the struggle to believe is greatly diminished in your daily walk of faith.

Discover Your Ministry

by Morris Cerullo 3 lessons $9.95

Discover your place in the Kingdom of God. As we examine the life and walk of Jesus in the gospels, you will come to understand that the pattern for ministry is far from today’s concept of ministry.

Proof Producers

by Morris Cerullo 4 lessons $9.95

Discover the course that revolutionized a generation, and answers the questions, "What must we do to do the works of God?" Dr. Morris Cerullo will guide you through the Word of God that you might demonstrate the power of God through your life.