Transformation & Impartation

God demonstrates the life and anointing of Jesus through our lives.
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by Christian Harfouche
Price: $15.95
7.5 hours
8 Lessons

Course Description


God’s intention was for humanity to receive the fullness of what Jesus demonstrated as He walked the earth. Jesus did not come to only change our destination from hell to heaven, but He died to also transform our condition. This course will take you into the progression of what God imparted by His Spirit to bring transformation to our entire being. Stand head to head against any lies of the devil, and know that in Christ Jesus you are victorious.

Key Features

8 lectures and 7.5 hours of powerful video content

Understand your call to be more than victorious

Grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit

See God's provision for your growth and impartation

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What You Get

  • Hours of Impartation
  • Video Lessons
  • Ministers Teaching