The New Anointing

Find out the manner in which the new anointing sets you apart for a special service unto God.
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by Morris Cerullo
Price: $9.95
1 hour
4 Lessons

Course Description

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This course examines the keys to entering and living in the power of a new anointing, where God through your life wages war against your real enemy.

Key Features

4 lectures and 1 hour of powerful video content

Understand the purpose of the new anointing

Recognize the keys to your daily spiritual victory

Stop dealing with the surface of your problems, and deal with the root

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We Are After The War

Length: 14 minutesAuthor: Morris CerulloComplexity: Standard

God’s end time strategy is to bring you to a place where you win spiritual battles and the war!

Take The Offensive

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: Morris CerulloComplexity: Standard

Did you know that your victory is not automatic? It requires for you to take daily spiritual action.

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What You Get

  • Hours of Impartation
  • Video Lessons
  • Ministers Teaching