Divine Nature

The divine nature of God is replicated through the life of every believer - its time to understand this amazing truth.
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by Christian Harfouche
Price: $15.95
9 hours
8 Lessons

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The life of every believer is to be distinct, unique, and set apart. God desires every believer to be complete in spirit, soul, and body. As those who are connected to the divine nature of God, you will discover how to walk in this reality and be a life-giving believer as you understand your divine nature as His child.

Key Features

8 lectures and 9 hours of powerful video content

The ability to see how Christ lives in you

Talk possession of everything Jesus has provided

Encouraged to see yourself as the body of Christ

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Divine Nature Lesson 7

Length: 51 minutesAuthor: Christian HarfoucheComplexity: Standard

Take full possession of everything Christ has supplied to you, knowing that it contains the ability to change you from natural into supernatural being.

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